AnChain.AI Launches Crypto and Web3 Security Professional Certification Program


AnChain.AI has announced the launch of AnChain.AI University, new crypto and Web3 security professional certification program learning center for security researchers, investigators, and all professionals in the blockchain space, according to a press release on October 25, 2022.

AnChain.AI Unveils AnChain.AI University 

At a time when high-profile hacks and heists are fast becoming synonymous with the cryptocurrency space, with bad actors getting increasingly sophisticated at their dirty games with each passing day, AnChain.AI has launched new Web3 security training courses designed to enhance the skills of blockchain professionals.

For the uninitiated, AnChain.Ai is a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence-powered cybersecurity company that claims to be dedicated to enhancing Web3 security, risk, and compliance strategies. 

Per a press release by the company, the new courses will be delivered through AnChain.AI University, its latest professional certification program learning center.

The team has made it clear that AnChain.AI University will debut with two certification courses: Fundamentals of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and Cryptoasset AML & Forensic Investigation, designed to advance the skills of security researchers, investigators, and compliance experts irrespective of their experience in the blockchain industry.

Virtual and In-Person Courses 

The team says the new Web3 security courses can be delivered virtually and in person, making it easier for interested participants to choose the learning pattern that suits them the most. AnChain.AI University also plans to introduce Smart Contract Security courses before the end of this year. 

Dr. Victor Fang, CEO, and Co-founder of AnChain.AI said:

“As Web3 continues to drive innovation, the threat posed by bad actors also escalates as well. The level of expertise required to manage risk and conduct due diligence is higher than ever before. We are committed to creating a safer and more transparent Web3 ecosystem, and providing both technology solutions as well as training is critical to this effort.”

AnChain.AI claims its latest curriculum is built upon the foundation established by its track record of Web3 security thought leadership and advocacy over the years, including training sessions and guest lectures delivered to regulators, Ivy League universities, and policymakers.

AnChain.AI says each of the certification schedules will leverage its expertise in Web3 security, crypto investigation, blockchain forensics, and more, to arm learners with the skills required to tackle the unending challenges in the digital asset ecosystem. 

“Curriculums have been prepared with the latest and most critical blockchain security threats in mind, ensuring that all material closely reflects the day-to-day challenges faced in the field,” added AnChain.AI

Upon completion of their chosen Web3 certification program, participants will receive a certification in the form of a Soulbound token (SBT).

In 2022 alone, the cryptocurrency endeavor has lost more than $3 billion to hackers and these ugly incidents may continue to occur unless market participants make conscious efforts to harden their security and investigators advance their skills. 

To completely make hacks and heists a thing of the past, DeFi protocols, centralized exchanges, and all other stakeholders must work together. 

In related news, Algorand (ALGO) has signed a partnership deal with AnChain.AI, to enable the former to integrate the latter’s AI-powered payments fraud prevention solution into its ecosystem.


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