Cardano Foundation Selects 45 Stake Pools for Delegation Out of 188 Applicants In October


Cardano Foundation has released a list of Cardano stake pools selected for delegation for October 2022.

“Today, we did the redelegation of the Cardano Foundation Wallets,” the organization noted in a recent announcement.

According to the announcement, Cardano Foundation received 188 applications for this month’s stake pool delegation. Of the 188 applications received, 58 of these pools were selected for their outstanding contributions toward the growth of the Cardano ecosystem. 

Out of the 58 pools considered to be outstanding, 45 pools were selected for this month’s delegation by the Cardano Foundation.

“We have identified 58 of them as outstanding gifts[…] We did a random draw and delegated to 45 pools,” the announcement added. 

Some of the pools selected include GimbalPool (GMBL), Everest Stake Pool (EVT), Nomad Pool (NOMAD), RDLRT StakePool (RDLRT), and (CCIO), etc.

The non-profit association stated that it had been exactly a year since it changed the delegation strategy of stake pools to support promising projects.

However, participation in this round of stake pool delegation was very low compared to previous rounds. This is because some bigger stake pools chose not to participate in this round to give smaller projects a chance.

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