Coinbase Announces Partnership with the Institute For the Future, University of Nicosia


Coinbase has an aggressive mission to increment monetary opportunity on the planet. By utilizing blockchain innovation and computerized monetary forms, we're constructing an open monetary framework,

Where capital moves through open-source conventions that are quicker, more straightforward, and accessible to all. For the innovation to accomplish its maximum capacity, the crypto business must draw coinbase news, from the most skilled, roused, and different individuals who can assist with building what's to come.

Today, we are excited to declare our grant program for minority experts in organization with the Establishment For the Future, College of Nicosia* (UNIC), a worldwide innovator in blockchain and computerized cash training. UNIC offers the first and the main authorized Bosses degree program given to blockchain and advanced cash.

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By furnishing skilled minority experts with a full grant to get an MSc in Blockchain and Computerized Cash, we will assist with cultivating the up-and-coming age of pioneers in the digital money industry.

 Alumni of the UNIC MSc program coinbase sign up, and benefit from a broad foundation, joining courses in finance, executives, software engineering, and data frameworks to give a comprehensive examination of digital currencies and blockchain frameworks, applications, and administrations.

In light of our association with the Establishment For the Future — College of Nicosia, we are more than happy to present four extra full grants for their next admission to the MSc in Blockchain and Computerized Money program in the Fall of 2021.


Assuming that you're keen on applying, mercifully follow underneath steps: 

Step 1: Register

Stage 2: Complete the Coinbase grant application

Stage 3: UNIC enlistment group will connect and direct you on finishing the MSc in Blockchain and Computerized Cash application

For more data, stand by listening to this visit with Three-pointers Edwards, Promotion Task Administrator at Coinbase and College of Nicosia graduate, Chief of College of Nicosia, Antonis Polemitis, and the Head of Having a place, Consideration and Variety at Coinbase, Aicha Williams.

Significant Notes:

  • Coinbase empowers minority experts as well as females to apply. Coinbase characterizes minority experts as Dark (counting African and Caribbean drop), Hispanic/Latino, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders, and female as comprehensive of transsexual candidates.
  • Coinbase Researchers application cutoff time: August 18, 2021 
  • Coinbase Researchers beneficiary determination: September 10, 2021 
  • MSc program start date: September 27, 2021 
  • Questions? If it's not too much trouble, contact Business Improvement and Enlistment Chief, Hazal Aripinar. 
  • On the off chance that you're likewise keen on joining Coinbase, visit us online at
  • Coinbase workers or project workers are not qualified to apply for the grant. 

The College of Nicosia (UNIC) is the worldwide forerunner in blockchain schooling and offers the first and the main authorized Experts degree program committed to blockchain and advanced money. Inside the educational plan of the MSc program, UNIC offers various courses going from standards of problematic development, administrative issues and concerns, tokens scientific classification, DeFi, National Bank Advanced Monetary forms, NFTs, blockchain applications, shrewd agreements, resource tokenization, stablecoins, assembly with man-made intelligence and IoT and others. The degree is shown by various prestigious teachers including Andreas Antonopoulos, Antonis Polemitis, Imprint Toohey, and Prof. George Giaglis.

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